Everything is Bigger in TEXAS!

One of the things that is almost impossible to express about visiting America is the enormity in comparison to living in the UK.

On our recent road trip to Texas & Oklahoma along the arterial I-35 in both directions looking at the near and far horizons with big skies I did say that what we are looking at is so hard to communicate back home how massive everything seemed. The I-35 in Texas is largely flat, very flat and very flat as far as the eye can see. The tallest things on the horizon was the water towers of distant towns. Every now and then there were farms with their boundaries marked out with fences and a name sign at the entrance of the access road.

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Texas is well aware that everything is bigger in their state and is not shy about it. Souvenirs are adorned with the phrase throughout the state. The largest farm in America is King Ranch in Texas and covers 825,00 acres which is 1,328 square miles. Greater London (UK) is 605.8 square miles and has a population of nearly 9 million a people. The total population of the whole of Texas is just shy of 30 million in an area of 268,500 square miles. This means that nearly 3 United Kingdom’s of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will fit into the State of Texas.

It is no wonder that Texas is the Lone Star State!