Coronavirus – Masks on Mass Transport

Airlines across the skies announced that the wearing of masks whilst on board have been relaxed and it now a choice. A Federal Judge struck down President Joe Biden’s mask mandate and for the time being whilst the White House works out how to respond to the ruling it has allowed airline operators and train operators to announce that mask wearing is no longer mandatory. Not all networks are in line with this such as the New York City Subway deciding to continue with the request that riders should still be wearing masks. The CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) insist that mask wearing is still necessary on mass transport and this has started an appeal process.

The Disney Organisation has announced the dropping of mask wearing as a requirement to visit it’s Florida parks.

The picture is still confusing and trying to find out what the requirements are to be able to enter America is a struggle. As far as I read it a lateral flow test taken at home is acceptable but you have to upload video of you taking the swab and then the result to a third party who will then issue a ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate. This has be to done at least one day before arrival into America and is regardless of your vaccination status. There is no talk yet of this being dropped as a requirement to be able to board your flight and yet to come back into the UK you don’t need anything.