Coronavirus – Masks on Mass Transport

Airlines across the skies announced that the wearing of masks whilst on board have been relaxed and it now a choice. A Federal Judge struck down President Joe Biden’s mask mandate and for the time being whilst the White House works out how to respond to the ruling it has allowed airline operators and train operators to announce that mask wearing is no longer mandatory. … Continue reading Coronavirus – Masks on Mass Transport

Coronavirus – Continuing to Disrupt Travel Plans

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is flying to Washington D.C to meet with President Joe Biden. The media are flying with him and others are already over there to cover the meetings. One burning question is when will UK travellers be given the green light to enter the United States once again. At this time of year as we get to the delights of the … Continue reading Coronavirus – Continuing to Disrupt Travel Plans

Presidential Library – Trump

I previously wrote a post on Presidential Libraries and was curious about whether or not that there will be a proposed Presidential Library dedicated to the Trump Presidency. I discovered that the outgoing President is trying to raise $2b to have his library built near his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. The question remains if he will be allowed to open one at all with the … Continue reading Presidential Library – Trump