Florida – Rail Options

Central Florida continues to attract increasing numbers of visitors annually. In 2021 is was reported that there were around 57 million visitors, the majority are US domestic travellers but 2 million are from overseas. Numbers are going up and certainly recovering from the impact of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. Would travelling through the Sunshine State by rail be an option for anyone instead of flying … Continue reading Florida – Rail Options

Walt Disney World – Finding Nemo – Animal Kingdom

Opening the summer of 2022 is Finding Nemo – ‘The Big Blue …. and Beyond!’ at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. A re-imagined show with puppets, singers and other performers set in the underwater world of Pixar and Disney’s Finding Nemo. The show was launched back in 2007 and the opportunity to update it was taken during the park’s closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is … Continue reading Walt Disney World – Finding Nemo – Animal Kingdom

Coronavirus – Masks on Mass Transport

Airlines across the skies announced that the wearing of masks whilst on board have been relaxed and it now a choice. A Federal Judge struck down President Joe Biden’s mask mandate and for the time being whilst the White House works out how to respond to the ruling it has allowed airline operators and train operators to announce that mask wearing is no longer mandatory. … Continue reading Coronavirus – Masks on Mass Transport

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind @ Epcot

Epcot at Disney World Florida has announced the opening date of Disney’s latest story coaster ride. The announced date is 27 May 2022 in the newly named World Discovery Neighbourhood. The launch of Guardians of the Galaxy@ Cosmic Rewind will be Ecpot’s first rollercoaster. Located where the old energy pavilion of Epcot and where the popular Ellen’s Energy Adventure was. This new family attraction features … Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind @ Epcot

Florida announces Peppa Pig – New Theme Park Legoland FL

Sorry about the hero image I could only use ‘Paper Pig’. An opening date has been announced as 24 February 2022 for the first theme park solely dedicated to Peppa Pig. Located a short walk from the Legoland Resort Hotels patrons will require a separate ticket or annual pass to enter this new theme park. The park is aimed at families with young children and … Continue reading Florida announces Peppa Pig – New Theme Park Legoland FL

Coronavirus – Still Causing Problems

USA, Canada and Mexico have all kept their borders closed to travellers, visitors and non essential traffic. The closure to all border crossings has been extended until at least the end of August 2020. A recent IPSOS poll in Canada shows that the majority of Canadians are in favour of the borders remaining closed until the end of 2020 at the least. The epicentre of … Continue reading Coronavirus – Still Causing Problems

Coronavirus – TUI cancels all Florida programmes until at least December 2020

TUI, Britain’s largest surviving tour operator has just announced that their Florida programme is to be grounded until the end of November 2020. Due to the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the stresses on International Travel the company has decided to suspend all operations to the Sunshine State. Even with Disneyworld continuing to slowly re-open TUI thinks that the measures will have a negative … Continue reading Coronavirus – TUI cancels all Florida programmes until at least December 2020

Coronavirus – PPE Vending Machines

The world is awaking like a bear coming out of hibernation. Slowly but surely the ‘new normal’ is evolving. TSA across USA airports report their third busiest day since mid March. Seems so long ago doesn’t it? In a first but what will soon be seen everywhere Las Vegas McCarran International Airport has installed PPE vending machines. Dispensing masks, hand sanitiser, towels and gloves the … Continue reading Coronavirus – PPE Vending Machines

Coronavirus – Disney Springs Phased Opening from 20 May 20

Disney have lost billions since closing all their owned hotels and parks around the world. As countries deemed to have past the peak of the pandemic start to slowly introduce the ‘new normal’ to see if the ‘R’ rate remains low corporations are deciding on how to proceed. Apparently Shanghai Disneyland is opening on Monday 11 May with limited capacity to try and keep social … Continue reading Coronavirus – Disney Springs Phased Opening from 20 May 20

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Info: Cost to enter for the day is approximately £50 per person for the base entry but there are plenty of add ons to pre purchase on different tickets. Travel time is around 90 minutes from Orlando area and is easily combined with an evening in Cocoa Beach. After a dozen visits to the Sunshine State we split into two parties. One drove us across … Continue reading Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex