New York – City Climb – Hudson Yards

Attention daredevils visiting New York City. One of the newest attractions to be unveiled in Manhattan in the Hudson Yards neighbourhood is the ‘City Climb’.

Located at ‘The Edge’ those of you who are not faint hearted can scale the outside of the building and lean out over 1296ft to view the city like never before.

This adrenaline rush doesn’t come cheap though. Tickets are priced at $185 per person but does include all the safety harness’s and overalls to be able to climb the 32 steps from base camp to the cliff and a further 161 steps on 45 degree angle. For more information about open times and how to book the ‘City Climb’ click here

In London to climb in a similar (admittedly not nearly so high) experience the roof of the O2 prices start at only £37 ($50) per person so the visit in New York is way up there.

Of course you can remain with your feet firmly on the floor and visit the viewing platforms at ‘The Summit’ One Vanderbilt  

There are entry requirements to comply with the latest Covid-19 restrictions.