Coronavirus – When You Next Fly!

Sometime in the near future the UK will turn the Amber light to Green and the mass exodus will begin. Knowing that the next time I fly I will be in close proximity to many others and putting my safety in the hands of strangers but with the confidence that my chosen air carrier has protocols in place to keep the aircraft cabin as sanitised as possible I saw that there are now airplane seat covers.

What a great idea for complete piece of mind and they even come with a pocket for your phone and associated accessories so that you don’t have to put your hand into the seat back pocket in front of you. Not surprisingly these colourful and practical seat covers are on sale in America but can be shipped internationally. The reviews are great and the covers don’t take that long to fix to your seat.

There are some variations available from Amazon ranging from disposable to ones with arm rest covers. Etsy have variations that include tray covers.

There has been no change to the mandatory requirement to wear a mask whilst flying and I predict it will be a while yet before a relaxation is made.