Coronavirus – When You Next Fly!

Sometime in the near future the UK will turn the Amber light to Green and the mass exodus will begin. Knowing that the next time I fly I will be in close proximity to many others and putting my safety in the hands of strangers but with the confidence that my chosen air carrier has protocols in place to keep the aircraft cabin as sanitised … Continue reading Coronavirus – When You Next Fly!

New England – Adirondack Chairs

On my travels I find myself drawn to the photogenic porches and harbour areas with colourful outdoor wooden chairs known as Adirondack Chairs. Also known as Westport or Muskoka Chairs. Here in the UK they are often referred to as Maryland Chair. Originally known as the Westport Chair it was designed by Thomas Lee, a native of Massachusetts, in 1903 while he was holidaying at … Continue reading New England – Adirondack Chairs