Coronavirus – US/Canada Land Border Still Closed

All non-essential travel by land between USA and Canada has been closed since the Global Coronavirus Pandemic took hold in March 2020.

It was due to open again on 21 June 2021 but once again has been pushed back by at least another month.

Apparently double vaccinated Canadians might be allowed to cross into America if they can show their vaccine status by way of an app.

Meanwhile in California the LA Dodgers played to over 50,000 crowd (against the Philadelphia Phillies) for the first time since 2019. The Dodgers won 5-3 by the way. There are no State rules on social distancing and restaurants have returned to full capacity as well. Masks in California are not required if you have been double vaccinated.

It is a mixed message really isn’t it? As more states are opening up and nearly 50% of UK adults are double vaccinated surely it is close to the time that the Amber light turns Green.