Coronavirus – ‘Safecation’

A new category of holiday has emerged recently due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. As international travel is put on hold for many residents of their mother country are giving up on wanderlust and choosing ‘Safecations’ instead.

I suppose these are going to be Staycations with extra precautions built in so that comfort and hygiene are adhered to and controlled by each party.

Knowing where you are going to spend the night and cooking for yourselves and not having to worry about cross contamination from others have meant that RV rentals are surging with waiting lists common place. Owners of RV vehicles are learning quickly about renting theirs out via various channels such as RV Share who offer a comprehensive website according to your holiday plans. One of the more recognisable brands is Cruise America whose well liveried vehicles are a notable sight on many highways both across America and Canada.

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For visitors to America from the UK there are many tour operators that offer RV rentals as part of a package but I would investigate and compare pricing independently seeing if you can rent at source.

The U.S Travel Association estimates a 40% drop in domestic travel spending and are encouraging Americans to explore sights locally to their homes. National Parks across the States are busier than normal so plan ahead and head to the less popular parks where there is space to explore.

I have seen some tips on renting a RV for the first time which will be useful to know. Have a read through this blog 8 tips for newbies that appeared on the USA Today European edition.

For a unique ‘glamping’ experience why not look on Air BnB for Airstream trailers that are located on land of houses and ranches? Some have hot tubs available located adjacent to the trailers as well as other luxuries. Again travel in your own vehicle and be in charge of your own safety and relax when you get there.

If you decide to ‘Safecation’ locally it must be fun discovering unexplored and undiscovered attractions that you have always known about but never had the impetus to visit. Set a distance limit and then within that radius see what is out there. Do your research about what facilities are going to be open along the route and at the destination. Decide if you are going to picnic so that you can keep your distance from others or book a table as per local restrictions. The new normal is to take hand sanitiser, wipes and masks with you so that your safety is in your control. I know across each state there are variations about social distancing and the wearing of masks in shops so again do your research.