Kansas removes Dr Martin Luther King Jnr street name

Over 955 different streets or roads are named after Martin Luther King Jnr in the United States alone. One of the only cities not to have a street named after the Civil Rights campaigner is Kansas City. The previously named road The Paseo that runs for 10 miles through the East Side of the city. The council waived the required pass rate of 75% of acceptance from the residents that live on the boulevard and passed the name change through.

This prompted a newly formed group called ‘Save The Paseo’ to campaign to collect enough signatures to challenge the decision because they weren’t consulted properly about the change.

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Campaigners say that they respect King’s Legacy but this is a protest of the actions of the city council. They also say that there was a rush to put up the new signs knowing that  people would be afraid of taking the signs down. They also say that keeping The Paseo is historical not political. The road was finished in 1899.

Of the 124 precincts so far 70% have voted in favour of returning The Paseo name and work will start of removing over 100 signs along the road.

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