Iconic 1962 TWA Flight Center – JFK becomes a hotel

Designed by Eero Saarinen for Trans World Airlines and opened in 1962 the TWA Flight Center was an iconic terminal at JFK. When TWA went bankrupt in 2001 the building was abandoned. Parts of the structure was demolished and new additions were constructed and it became Terminal 5 and Jet Blue’s hub.

TWA Hotel

Now the only on airport hotel at JFK has become the TWA Hotel. It looks amazing and really encompasses the vibe of TWA and the excitement of Trans Atlantic flying in the 1960s.

There are 512 ultra quiet rooms, many are runway facing or looking at the TWA Flight Center building or Headhouse as it known as. The lobby of the TWA Hotel occupies the renovated Headhouse with rooms located in new blocks built to defer and reflect to the landmark TWA Flight Center.

On the rooftop is a 10,000 sq ft observation deck with an infinity pool overlooking the runway as well as the world’s largest hotel gym.

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In conjunction with the New York Historical Society is a TWA Museum that details this icon of flight history on display in the main building.

Dwight Eissenhower’s Airforce One, a 1958 Lockheed Constellation has been transformed into a cocktail lounge and is parked on the hotel’s tarmac.

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Connie the Cocktail Lounge

Travellers with time to kill at JFK are encouraged to use the Air Train to visit during their layovers. Access to the hotel are through the original tubes that link it to Terminal 5.

Rooms start around $249 per night.