The Observation Deck at CEB Tower – Rosslyn, VA

The second highest viewing deck inside the Beltway of Metropolitan DC area is the 31 storey Central Tower in Rosslyn, Virginia. Well that is what I was going to say because although it has been open for just over a year it appears that is going to be a private events space only. The almost 400ft, newly built tower complex only opened in June 2018 … Continue reading The Observation Deck at CEB Tower – Rosslyn, VA

Washington DC – Max’s Favourite City

A question that I am asked often is what is my favourite State and actually it isn’t a State at all. Probably because it is so iconic and easily recognised but to actually be there is something altogether different the answer has to be Washington D.C Every time I visited I discover more and more about this fascinating and prominent capital. The wide avenues and … Continue reading Washington DC – Max’s Favourite City

Weekend Visits – Shoppers Paradise

I could wax lyrical about shopping in America and bore you to death with descriptions of malls that I have visited over 30 years but I hear you and won’t go down that path. Shopping in America is an experience and I love it…there I said it. These tips are all personal from visiting these cities and their fantastic malls. Most malls open at 10.00 … Continue reading Weekend Visits – Shoppers Paradise