Filling Up at the Pump Stateside

I pulled into a gas service station between Burlington and Bellingham WA to make sure that I had enough gas to get me back to Vancouver. Unlike in the UK you can either pay at the pump or pre-pay inside. I always have problems using a card at the pumps over in America because it doesn’t seem to recognise my credit card as credit for whatever reason.

All grades at same pump
Gas pump USA

I only wanted to put in $10 so handed over the note and the cashier asked was I sure that I wanted diesel. I glanced at the parked car at the pump with a green pipe and said ‘no unleaded’. She pointed out that green was diesel and that black was unleaded.

After all these years I had no idea that it was the complete opposite in America to the UK and Europe. Anyone know the reason why it can’t be the same the world over? I thanked her because if she hadn’t said anything I could of been in real trouble. Although I think the nozzle wouldn’t of fitted.

TIP: Diesel pump is GREEN and Unleaded is BLACK

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