Where NOT to start a FLY-DRIVE in America

Not something I considered before I pick up my rental car and that is what are the road users going to be like. According to recent report the worst and best States to start your Fly Drive and Road Trip of a Lifetime are now ranked.

The order has been compiled by Quote Wizard that is like a travel agency but for car insurance (available only for America). It used data made available from the Federal Highway Administration and weighed that against the following reported incidents

Vehicle Accidents


DUI (Drunk under the influence)

Citations (tickets issued by the authorities)


So in the words of recent game show hosts…..in no particular order

The WORST States are as follows

Nebraska – Omaha has the worst drivers in the country thanks to a rise in speeding and traffic citations issued last year. Apparently fatalities are up by 5% since 2016

Maine – Actually ranked the worst with a jump from seventh place. According to Maine.gov there were 1,500 car crashes from 2016-2017

South Carolina – Nearly half of all crashes involved a DUI and this has jumped the state from fourth to second place

and now the BEST

Michigan – Let’s hear it for the Great Lakes State. With fewer citations and fatalities Michigan claims top spot. I suppose the Gold Medal isn’t quite so shiny because apparently there are plenty of rule breakers and 1 in 5 admit to having no car insurance

Oklahoma – A huge jump from eleventh place to third due to the decrease in fatalities and citations. Apparently Tulsa was in seventh spot for both the best and worst place to drive

Mississippi – Although Mississippi moved from third to second place with reductions for DUI and citations it still has a problem with buckling up with nearly half of fatalities recorded involved unfastened seat belts

Remember that renting a car from the UK more often than not will include Collision Damage Waiver and it is up to you to purchase any additional insurance for peace of mind!