Chase Bank – Get a Card (UK)

The UK pound vs the US dollar tanked just at the wrong time for my Road Trip and so in my mind the price I was reading I just thought of in pounds to make it simpler. The previous worst rate I can remember whilst away in America was around $1.30 to £1.00 and converted every purchase to see if the price was acceptable or … Continue reading Chase Bank – Get a Card (UK)

Check the latest dollar exchange rate

Click here for the Dollar Exchange Rate provided by Universal Currency Converter If you are planning a visit to America your spending money is going to be directly affected by the exchange rate. This will be the inter-bank rate not the tourist rate which will be a few cents less per pound. Personally I won’t be planning a visit anytime soon because I want to find some … Continue reading Check the latest dollar exchange rate


I try to steer away from politics but have to vent from time to time. The UK is in the process of selecting a new Prime Minister – well the Conservative Party is – us mere mortals won’t get a say. The currency markets are as flat as a pancake in anticipation of who will lead the UK out of Brexit. Three years ago the … Continue reading Uncertainty!