I try to steer away from politics but have to vent from time to time. The UK is in the process of selecting a new Prime Minister – well the Conservative Party is – us mere mortals won’t get a say. The currency markets are as flat as a pancake in anticipation of who will lead the UK out of Brexit. Three years ago the … Continue reading Uncertainty!

Anyone Looking for a New Job in eating BBQ?

Fancy earning $10,000 for travelling around the States eating BBQ? Have a look at this job description Reynolds Wrap are looking for someone this summer to travel around the states eating BBQ. I wasn’t sure if Reynolds Wrap was a chain of sandwich shops so was surprised to find they make tin foil (aluminum) and are actually a New Zealand company. I can’t apply unfortunately … Continue reading Anyone Looking for a New Job in eating BBQ?

Max’s Must Travel Items

You might have noticed that ‘it is the season!’ and madness is all around us. I came up with a novel idea the other day to get away from clandestine phone calls and whispers between us all……set a budget that each of you wants to spend and then if it is equal just keep it and on the big day to get away from disappointment … Continue reading Max’s Must Travel Items