Walt Disney World – Hollywood Studios

Although we had an amazing day and got to do all that we wanted I think I have to put down some thoughts. CAR PARK: $22 and you don’t get a souvenir receipt anymore COKE $3.50 2018 KEY RING $10 YODA BACK PACK $65 PLUSH MINNIE EARS $24 3 COFFEES 3 PASTRIES $30 MICKEY ICE CREAM SANDWICH $5 It might be the happiest place on … Continue reading Walt Disney World – Hollywood Studios

Collections from 44 States

There have been three things that have been a constant wherever we have visited America over the last thirty years. More of an obsession since 1996 to be honest. I wouldn’t consider myself obsessive but it became apparent that we seemed to come home with one, two or three things from each visit. Fridge Magnets – I have some from our first visit to California … Continue reading Collections from 44 States

Disney – why are the tickets different from the UK?

Yes I know I have just come back from my last trip but the next one is looming. This time we are travelling back to Florida for some R&R. We have visited all the parks at one time or another and have spent quite a lot time discussing our options and what is best value to see the most on this visit. I am sure … Continue reading Disney – why are the tickets different from the UK?

Max vs Food!! Tip or not to Tip?

My personal experience is that it is cheaper to eat out than purchase meals or the ingredients for meals from a supermarket. The service is nearly always on point and friendly and coffee and soft drinks are more often than not refillable. Sometimes you can have 3 or 4 half empty glasses on your table as the server just keeps bringing more out to you. … Continue reading Max vs Food!! Tip or not to Tip?

Max’s Favourite Early USA Memories

I got to thinking what my earliest memories were when I visited America for the first time in 1969. The world was preparing to welcome a new decade and the Cold War was still happening. We flew on Pan AM on a Friends & Family Association ticket. I recall the flight bags that we brought back with us. I used it for school for years. … Continue reading Max’s Favourite Early USA Memories

Tour the White House

The White House When investigating visiting the White House it is straight forward for a US national but for overseas tourists it becomes a problem. The website directs you to ask for permission to tour the White House via your embassy. Following the instructions the British Embassy in Washington and that site clearly denies being able to grant any access to getting on a tour … Continue reading Tour the White House

ESTA – Electronic System for Travel Authorisation

News: ESTA price has increased to $21.00 TIP: Update for you! No longer will you get immediate approval. I just applied for my ESTA and was surprised not to be authorised as soon as I had paid. I searched the web for information as to what could be holding the application up and it seems that it will take between 24-72 hours to be approved. … Continue reading ESTA – Electronic System for Travel Authorisation

Max’s Travel Profile for the USA

State Alaska – en route to Japan Alabama – Birmingham – Talladega – Super Speedway – Oxford/Anniston Arizona – Tempe – Phoenix – Mesa – Scottsdale – Rawhide Arkansas – from Memphis over the Mississippi to the Tourist information and back California – San Francisco – Los Angeles – San Diego – Hollywood – Burbank- Napa Valley – Sonoma – Yosemite – Lone Pine – … Continue reading Max’s Travel Profile for the USA