Route 66 – OK (46th) will be my 45th

The long wait is over, well almost. In October I fly into Austin and collect my car for a 9 night road trip. Tip: It was better value to include the car with the flight than separately. First night will be in Waco followed by two nights in Dallas. In Dallas I am going to make use of the hotel’s airport shuttle and take the … Continue reading Route 66 – OK (46th) will be my 45th

Road Trip Planning in Progress

After a three year hiatus from flying I have spent the last few weeks planning and perfecting my next adventure on visiting my missing States. Followers of my early posts might remember that I have yet to set foot in – Utah, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Hawaii. The most logical and economical research has put Austin as the arrival airport. Virgin Atlantic … Continue reading Road Trip Planning in Progress

USA – Car Rental Prices Up, UP, UUPP!!

Admittedly I haven’t looked for a rental car since the Cornavirus Pandemic put a halt on my Road Trip planning and my quest in visiting the missing six states that I am yet to visit. On the encouraging news that President Joe Biden has opened up America to vaccinated UK and European visitors I thought I would do a very soft search into a visit … Continue reading USA – Car Rental Prices Up, UP, UUPP!!

Pumpkin Spice Latte – Early Fall Return

Starbucks get the publicity but were beaten on the starting line by Dunkin Donuts for the early return of the seasonal favourite…..Pumpkin Spice Latte! Gosh I miss America and it seems further away than ever right now. Why can’t the UK have the same delicious and heart warming aroma of Pumpkin Spice? We get seasonal flavours that finish on 31 October as a Halloween tie … Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Latte – Early Fall Return

Segway – the end of an era?

Just announced, the demise of the Segway after only 19 years. Production will cease shortly on the two wheeler self balancing vehicle that is a regular sight in shopping malls across America. Most cities have companies that offer Segway tours of their most popular sights but here in the UK they can’t be used on public roads or footpaths so have never taken off here. … Continue reading Segway – the end of an era?

Las Vegas – Chocolate Tour – Save Money and Do It Yourself!

There are no limits where Las Vegas is concerned and this new tour caught my eye. It consists of a ride in an SUV with complimentary Sparkling Cider or Chocolate Wine to these chocolate attractions in Las Vegas. M&M World Las Vegas Hersheys Chocolate World Las Vegas Ethel M Factory Visit The Cafe Hollywood at Planet Hollywood Oh not forgetting a photo stop at the … Continue reading Las Vegas – Chocolate Tour – Save Money and Do It Yourself!

November 9 2016 – White House Tour

My photos reminded me that it is three years since I visited the White House. It still remains a unique visit as a British Citizen and something that I will always cherish. After all the security checks were done one of the biggest thrills was just walking up to the East Wing and letting myself in. The other stand out memory was looking down the … Continue reading November 9 2016 – White House Tour

Traffic Congestion – Washington D.C

Tom-Tom send me regular emails trying to get me to upgrade and change my perfectly functioning (famous last words) unit. This latest attempt caught my eye though. I did click Find Out More Tom Tom Traffic Index – Live Congestion Statistics It might be helpful in planning your next city visit to the States. Continue reading Traffic Congestion – Washington D.C

Mount Vernon – Washington

I finalised my visit into America now and will be staying in Mount Vernon which is about 1.15 hours from Surrey in British Columbia. I know that the border crossing could hours to my trip. I am going to cross over the Peace Arch at Blaine for 3 nights next month. I chose this area because it in between Seattle and Vancouver. I want some … Continue reading Mount Vernon – Washington