California – Road Trip Republic

On a rather chilly morning on the platform of my nearest railway station whilst waiting for a train over to Wimbledon I saw this advert on the wall.

It caught my eye immediately because of the Road Trip association.

California Road Trip Republic!

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Of course it isn’t only the first or last stop on a grand Road Trip on Route 66 at Santa Monica Pier but also the popular and beautifully scenic Pacific Coast Highway – 655 miles California Coast Leggett to Dana Point

There is so much to discover in California all year round and I always think that you should take advantage of starting in from Los Angeles and leaving from San Francisco (or the other way around) because the International air fares are the same and there is no one way drop off car fee within California.

California is one of the most desired destinations for first time visitors to America and the possibilities are endless. Visit on a coach tour if you don’t want to drive.

I think that you will be ‘bitten by the bug’ and as soon as you arrive home will be planning the next visit.