Texas & Oklahoma Road Trip Day 10 – Austin to UK

There was no reason to rush today because of the mistake I made in hotels nights I had already paid for the room tonight so the last minute panic about how much booty we had amassed and would be under the weight limit could be tackled later in the day. The big skies and far horizons on our road trip demonstrates how flat it actually … Continue reading Texas & Oklahoma Road Trip Day 10 – Austin to UK

Coronavirus – Black Friday Cancelled

The American tradition of recent years to queue outside major stores for ‘Door Buster Sales’ is in danger (or otherwise) of being cancelled due to the surging cases of Covid-19 in many states. Walmart who have at least 4,750 across the whole of the USA announced last week that all of it’s stores will be closed on Thanksgiving. Today Target who itself have over 1,800 … Continue reading Coronavirus – Black Friday Cancelled

New England – Adirondack Chairs

On my travels I find myself drawn to the photogenic porches and harbour areas with colourful outdoor wooden chairs known as Adirondack Chairs. Also known as Westport or Muskoka Chairs. Here in the UK they are often referred to as Maryland Chair. Originally known as the Westport Chair it was designed by Thomas Lee, a native of Massachusetts, in 1903 while he was holidaying at … Continue reading New England – Adirondack Chairs