Coronavirus – Continuing to Disrupt Travel Plans

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is flying to Washington D.C to meet with President Joe Biden. The media are flying with him and others are already over there to cover the meetings. One burning question is when will UK travellers be given the green light to enter the United States once again.

At this time of year as we get to the delights of the ‘Fall’ foliage and the autumnal hues and then the holiday season upon us we are all getting itchy feet.

Not since March 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic started in earnest has the travel corridor between the two nations been open. Families have been kept apart, wedding plans put on hold, funerals not attended and it just isn’t getting any clearer as to when it will be return to some normality.

Americans if they are double vaccinated are having the rest of the world largely opening up for them again but it isn’t reciprocated. Worryingly though cases across America are increasing again and apparently nearly 39 million cases have been reported across the country since the Pandemic began. Mask mandates have been removed and re-introduced and pockets of the country have a high percentage of citizens not wanting to be vaccinated. So even if Mr Johnson is persuasive in convincing Joe Biden that the ‘time is right’ to allow UK visitors to travel again is it going to be safe to do so?

Apparently if you are double jabbed in the UK it is only the Pfizer vaccine that the US recognises not the Astra Zeneca. My personal plan is that in January I turn 60 and my youngest daughter turns 30 and to celebrate the two milestones is to fly to America – destination not agreed on – and do our own ‘Road Trip’. So of course she has had Pfizer and I have had Astra Zeneca. I hope that my booster jab will be Pfizer just to complicate it further but will it allow me into the US?