Disneyland – CA $100 Sandwich!

Due to welcome Disney guests early June, Avengers Campus will open with one ride. ‘Web Slingers’  a Spider-Man Adventure will be the first ride at any Disney Theme Park to feature a super-hero. The Avengers Campus is an extension to Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim California.

Menu at Disneyland

It is the cuisine choices that are making the news though as the Avengers Campus world features an Ant-Man and the Wasp-themed Pym Test Kitchen. The quick dining facility is billed as ‘phenomenal food at unusual scales’ that utilises ‘the revolutionary shrink and grow technology of Pym Particles to pioneer a menu packed with inventive-sized starters, tiny treats and shareable bites that provide the perfect power-up.’ Disney are serving up a ‘pym-ini’ sandwich called ‘Quantum-sized’ for $99.99 for a sandwich that serves between 6-8 hungry guests or a single serving for $14.99. The idea being that the super-size sandwich will make guests feel smaller……..but bigger afterwards surely!

For more information about how to visit Disneyland during the current Coronavirus Pandemic or to see the new Avengers Campus.