Centre of the Universe USA

Really on ‘roads less travelled’ but worth seeing if you happen to be on a road trip in these areas.

It seems that at least three places in America claim to have the intriguing title of ‘Center of the Universe’.

Tulsa – Oklahoma

A concrete circle of bricks located at the apex of the rebuilt span of the old Boston Avenue viaduct between 1st and Archer Streets seems pretty innocuous enough. This small circle attracts over 10,000 visitors annually. What makes it so mysterious is that the concrete benches that surround the circle cause an acoustic anomaly so no matter how loud or what direction you shout your voice will reverberate back on you.

Wallace – Idaho

The I90 that runs from Washington across the panhandle of Idaho literally cuts the small silver mining town of Wallace in half. The town is a wonderfully quaint and historic reminder of small town America and much of the main street consists of protected buildings. In 2004 the mayor of Wallace proclaimed by way of probabilism that Wallace is the Center of the Universe. His thinking was along the lines of ‘If something can’t be disproved then it must be true’.

Fremont – Seattle – Washington

Since the early 1970s Fremont, a neighbourhood of Seattle, has been called the ‘Center of the Universe by the local population. Located on the Fremont Cut of the Lake Washington Ship Canal north of Queen Anne this community erected a road sign to demonstrate that it is the center of the universe. The neighbourhood boasts around four blocks of stores and eateries that are independently run and the atmosphere is arty and ‘cool’. Under the Aurora bridge is the Fremont Troll which is another reason to visit.

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