Centre of the Universe USA

Really on ‘roads less travelled’ but worth seeing if you happen to be on a road trip in these areas. It seems that at least three places in America claim to have the intriguing title of ‘Center of the Universe’. Tulsa – Oklahoma A concrete circle of bricks located at the apex of the rebuilt span of the old Boston Avenue viaduct between 1st and … Continue reading Centre of the Universe USA

Coronavirus – US Cities see Air Quality Improve

Some positives from California during this Coronavirus Pandemic at last! Apparently the air quality over major cities of America has improved because of the ‘Lockdowns’. Traffic movement has reduced by approximately 70% and the air quality is the winner here. Cities seeing the best improvement in air quality are Los Angeles, Seattle and New York which probably is expected. Air Quality improves due to the … Continue reading Coronavirus – US Cities see Air Quality Improve

Thomas Cook

The investigation into the collapse of travel giant Thomas Cook will rumble on for many months to come. I desperately feel for the staff that learnt their fates when they woke and saw the news that ‘Thomas Cook’ had been liquidated. Beside being the oldest tour/travel company in the UK it had many arms to it’s business and it had bought up some other big … Continue reading Thomas Cook

Everett, Washington – Boeing Factory Tour

This really is off the beaten track but really worth the effort. Between SeaTac Airport and downtown Seattle running alongside the Interstate 5 is Boeing Field. It is an airport just for new Boeing aircraft and it’s customers. There is a museum of flight there built next to the Red Hut which is where it all started over 100 years ago. We visited the museum … Continue reading Everett, Washington – Boeing Factory Tour