Coronavirus – Get Virus Tested to visit Alaska & Hawaii

As the world continues to struggle massively with the impact of Covid-19 the decisions to travel remain a difficult choice to make. In America most states require you to self quarantine for 14 days before you can step out at your own expense.

Alaska have taken a positive approach to entice tourists back to enjoy the small summer window left before the season changes. If you take a test within 72 hours with a negative result a second test is not required. If you took a test more than 72 hours but within 5 days before arrival a second test will be required and you will have to minimise social interaction until a negative result is received.

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Alaska is open to visitors with many hotels, tours and attractions operating normally but it does appear that most travellers are visiting friends and family. Alaska does encourage you to ‘Mask Up’ and be a hero.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Ocean, 3020 miles between Alaska and Hawaii, the ‘Aloha State’ has decreed that from September 01 that you need to provide a negative test taken within 72 hours before flying. If you don’t provide a negative result you will have to self isolate for 14 days at your own expense. It is state law that masks are required to be worn.

Hawaii - Mask

I think that this is a solid move without confusion and as both states are separate from the mainland of America and are protecting their citizens and environments. This requirement is the same as the Caribbean Islands. Instead of adding 14 days to your visit without knowing if you are carrying the virus at the very least you will be carrying a negative result to show authorities. Of course it won’t protect you from catching the virus whilst on your visit.

Interstate Road Trips taken by Americas need very careful planning this year as the virus continues to evolve across the country. Some visitors from some states are not welcome into other states as there is evidence that the Interstates are helping spread the virus. Apparently there is spread along I-80 between central Illinois and Iowa. The I-90 corridor across upstate New York as well as I-95 in cities such as Wilmington, Delaware and Baltimore.

At this moment there is no chance of UK citizens flying to America for a holiday and as I keep saying you may as well strike 2020 from the travel calendar.