Baseball – National League Rules?

After posting about the Washington Nationals reaching their first World Series I have been keeping an eye on the results. Well, after two away games at Houston the Nationals are two games up. The next game is in Washington at Nationals Park on Friday 25 October. What caught my attention was that Friday’s game is being played under National League rules which differs from American League rules. Who knew?

BBC Article about game 2

Apparently this means that the pitcher has to bat and not use a DH – Designated Hitter. This is a player who doesn’t have any position except that they bat when it should be the pitcher’s turn to bat.

Does this give the American League teams an advantage over the National League teams? Apparently there have been 114 contested World Series and the score is 48 wins to National League Teams vs 66 American League Teams. I guess the jury is out but why don’t both leagues play the same rules under the Major League?

The next three games are in Washington and only three teams in World Series history have gone on to win the title after losing the first two games. Will this be a forth team or will the Nationals cause a huge upset?

For the record New York Yankees have made the World Series on 40 occasions and have won 27 of them.