Travel has no joined up strategy!

I wrote a little while ago about facility charges being added to hotel rates distorting the search results because of additional charges.

The UK cruise market is SOFT right now and there are plenty of bargains to be had. Whether Brexit is deflating the enthusiasm of cruisers or exchange rates are dampening spending habits it is hard to tell. Why can’t hoteliers, bed banks, suppliers work in tandem with other sectors to attract customers to book? If Cruise rates are good then hotel prices are high, thus negating any advantage to the customer.

It is a vicious circle at the moment. Flight prices are high through the summer months but Alaska cruise rates drop before the flight prices do.

If you are planning an Alaskan cruise then look for the start or end of the season for the best prices. If you are looking to do Rocky Mountaineer then do it without the cruise if you can because the availability and rates are much lower at each end of the season.

American hotel prices are criminal at the moment and especially the UK visitor is impacted by the poor exchange rate. Take my advice and look outside of the city near transportation that will take you to the centre without having to find car parking.

Cruise lines have 2021 on sale already but the rest of the travel sector hasn’t really got 2020 fully on sale yet, so why don’t they co-ordinate and then there won’t be any need for estimated costs for flights, hotels and transfers. I think the only advantage in booking so far in advance is that customers are more than likely to get their preferred cabin choice. The build up to 2021 is constantly peppered with offers and reductions so why don’t you wait a while and grab the bargain that you are after?