Bye Bye Virgin Atlantic!

I can select my seat on Monday 72 hours before departure. I can see no reason after my return to have Virgin Atlantic as my preferred carrier. I have been a loyal economy passenger for nearly 30 years and have at one stage or another been in the frequent flyer programme or Virgin Holidays Loyalty Club. Since they changed to so many different ways to fly and pay and take baggage and at the same time halved the points and doubled the tier points it will be impossible for me to collect enough of either to be of any benefit to me. Disappointed to say the least. The airlines only care about the front of the aircraft, it seems there is no money to made from flying the masses.

I am back on home soil now as I write this. I have filled in three Virgin surveys and expressed my disappointment in the most emphatic way I can and said I won’t be looking to fly on them again any time soon. I had the bad luck to be on Dancing Queen who dates back to 2006 and it shows. You know there wasn’t even an amenity pack on the inbound flight, so no eye shield, no socks, no toothbrush and toothpaste but there was a charity envelope for collection on exit.

Come On! Either Virgin is a full service carrier or it isn’t but it is trying to be both.

Dancing Queen Est 2006

I have loved being a fan of this airline with it’s innovative themes and additions but over the years the standard has declined and the inclusions dwindled. Why it wants to associate itself with the American giant Delta can only be a commercial decision because the quality of these airlines is as wide as the ocean that they cross.

Virgin was a leader with it’s inflight entertainment and the way the brand flowed through all it’s lines. The staff are obviously proud to fly and represent them. Unfortunately the pack has caught them up and met them in the middle of mediocrity.

Once upon a time there was a vanity pack waiting on your Virgin seat and kids got a backpack with activities for the flight. Now you don’t even get a choice of coffee on the US – UK flight because of the caffeine, you are offered hot chocolate instead!! Honestly!

Flying isn’t the glamorous exciting experience that it used to be and I dread the moment you want to recline your seat back. Hey folks the seat reclines for a reason and there is no need to sit bolt upright for at least 7 hours. In fact the tray tables are on a runner as well so you can bring it closer to you. I really get fed up being asked to put my seat upright so the person behind can eat. I paid for the seat so in my eyes it is mine for the flight. One time I had a giant sat behind me and everytime he moved he jolted my seat and he complained he didn’t have any room. You know how tall you are and what the seat pitch is before you book so don’t moan about me wanting the seat back.