New York State – Age ID for……Squirty Cream?!

Over here in the UK what the Americans know as canned whipped cream we call squirty cream. You know the product, cans of different flavour creams that teens and probably some grown ups literally squirt into their mouths without a dessert in sight? Apparently in New York State in an attempt to prevent use of nitrous oxide by under aged users this recent law is … Continue reading New York State – Age ID for……Squirty Cream?!

Coronavirus – New York State

Two items about New York caught my attention. First is that Governor Andrew Cuomo for the State of New York has changed the 14 day quarantine rule for arriving visitors from Red Zones. Now you need to provide a negative Covid-19 test result and then take another test four days after arriving into the state. Quarantine must be observed until the second test is also … Continue reading Coronavirus – New York State