Coronavirus – New York State

Two items about New York caught my attention. First is that Governor Andrew Cuomo for the State of New York has changed the 14 day quarantine rule for arriving visitors from Red Zones. Now you need to provide a negative Covid-19 test result and then take another test four days after arriving into the state. Quarantine must be observed until the second test is also negative. New Yorkers’ who are returning in less than 24 hours don’t need to take a test to re-enter but do need to take one on the fourth day of quarantine.

The other New York item that I saw was in the shopping mall close to home in the United Kingdom. On one of the scrolling digital advertising displays was this advert for New York City.

Advert for New York City
New York City – Misses You Too!

I think that this is an inspired piece of marketing and shows optimism and looking into the future. I haven’t seen anything comparable in the current Pandemic for anything travel related. 

I know that an air bridge between the UK and New York is being worked on but I guess that this will be delayed with the current Covid-19 outbreaks in both these nations.