Boeing, Everett – WA roll out the last ever 747

Boeing’s assembly plant in Everett, WA recently rolled out it’s last ever Boeing 747. Due to be delivered later in 2023 as a cargo plane to Atlas Air.

Everett’s total build of Boeing 747’s was 1,574. The aircraft was first built in 1969 and historically has been used for various different roles.

NASA’s shuttles were carried on the back of 747’s. American Presidents have flown in a converted 747 as Airforce One since 1990. The world’s logistics have largely been kept in order by using Boeing 747’s. Up to 500 passengers could be carried in a Boeing 747. 

Pan-Am will always have the honour of flying the first passenger service from New York to London back in 1970. Whereas Delta Airlines will hold the honour of being the last American Airline to retire their Boeing 747 fleet back in 2017.

Airlines have moved to using the newer two engine Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Boeing 737 as they are more economical and efficient.

Back in 2017 on a Road Trip to the North East I visited the Boeing Factory in Everett, Washington – Boeing Factory Tour

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