TSA – US Domestic Flyers near Pre-Pandemic Levels

The TSA – Transportation Security Administration that screen all passengers at America’s airports announced near pre-pandemic numbers for this Thanksgiving weekend.

In a tweet TSA said that their officers screened 2,207,949 individuals at checkpoints across America. This represents 91% of the numbers for the same day in 2019.

TSA recommend that travellers arrive early at the airport and masks must be worn at all times whilst in the airport and onboard the flight only to remove them whilst eating or drinking.

Domestic travel in America has been blighted recently with unruly passengers being de-planed and arrested for assaults on crew and fellow passengers. Alcohol sales onboard have been suspended to try and prevent the fuelling of tempers.

The seating configuration on board some of the short flights is limited and the overhead bins and luggage restrictions don’t help the situation. Most hand luggage have wheels and these need putting in a certain way to maximise the capacity and passengers are precious about their belongings being as close to them as possible.

In today’s uncertain times with the Coronavirus Pandemic far from under control patience and careful planning is required. If there are connecting flights involved make sure that there is enough connecting time to make the next flight.

If you travel internationally remember that the arrival airport in America is where you go through Homeland Security and you must reclaim your luggage and then have it screened again before having it taken from you for your connecting flight.