American Airports – TSA

TSA reports 2022 a record year for firearms discovery TSA – Transportation Security Administration who are present at all US airports, ports and border crossings have reported that 2022 was the biggest yet for firearm discoveries. Established in 2001 the TSA discovered 6,542 firearms either on or in passengers luggage. They also reported that 88% were loaded. This is around a 10% increase on the … Continue reading American Airports – TSA

TSA – US Domestic Flyers near Pre-Pandemic Levels

The TSA – Transportation Security Administration that screen all passengers at America’s airports announced near pre-pandemic numbers for this Thanksgiving weekend. In a tweet TSA said that their officers screened 2,207,949 individuals at checkpoints across America. This represents 91% of the numbers for the same day in 2019. TSA recommend that travellers arrive early at the airport and masks must be worn at all times … Continue reading TSA – US Domestic Flyers near Pre-Pandemic Levels