Cheers Bar in Boston closes – Covid Pandemic blamed

For those of you who were fans of the popular and long running show Cheers the original exterior of the pub that was featured is actually called ‘The Bull and Finch’. Located on Beacon Street opposite the Public Gardens it is one of Boston’s most visited attractions. So when I saw reports that Cheers, Boston was closing due to the Coronavirus Pandemic I was surprised.

Actually ‘The Bull and Finch’ remains open and it is the rather touristy replica at Faneuil Hall that is closing it’s doors. This Boston Cheers features a replica bar of the Cheers set as well as a Cheers memorabilia store.

It had been operating for over twenty years which is testament to the shows enduring popularity. Paramount had licensed a few locations around the world to have Cheers pubs. There used to be one at Cafe Royal on Regent St in London as well as Dublin but they paled into insignificance not being in Boston and being located in high end locations.

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I visited ‘Bull and Finch’ a couple of times and once you are down the steps to the entrance to the pub it is a regular bar and nothing like the set. There is also a Cheers merchandise selection available here. The Faneuil Hall location I never visited because it just wasn’t the real thing and in my opinion a tourist trap.