World Series 2019 Down to the last game!!

Visiting America anytime between April and September you would be forgiven for thinking that the only thing on television is ‘Baseball’. When you channel hop there are multiple games in progress almost every night. So it might seem strange to those Americans reading this that it doesn’t get a mention over in the UK. Even on the BBC Website you have to search Sport A-Z to find anything to do with Baseball. Surprising really as there are Sunday Leagues over here and of course there was the series this summer between NY Yankees and the Red Sox which sold out almost as soon as it went on sale.

When I have gone to games I always ask people around how their team are doing this season and explain that we don’t see Baseball in the UK. What surprises me is that there is hardly a flicker of surprise that a tourist is watching the game.

This year I have kept a close eye on the 2019 MLB World Series because the Washington Nationals have never reached the final in their history.

Washington won the first two games at Houston

Houston won the next three games at Washington

Back to Houston and Washington tied the series

So standing at 3 – 3 the last game is on 30 October so one of these teams is going to experience horror on Halloween!

It couldn’t be tighter but this year home advantage hasn’t worked at all.

Good luck to both teams!

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World Series 2019 Down to the last game!!

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