Denver International Airport – Conspiracy Theories

I do get caught up with conspiracy theories and that is why I ended up in Dallas and Dealey Plaza in Dallas to see where JFK was fatally shot in 1963. There are plenty of theories out there but I had never heard about Denver International Airport having a string of stories about it. It opened in 1995 almost $2 Billion over budget and after several delays and there are rumours of Freemasonary abound as well as depictions in the art work of apocalyptic events hidden in the murals that decorate the corridors of the terminals.

I have flown in and out of Denver and other than my luggage was overweight and I had to abandon by Graham Pie Crust and pumpkin filling to make the grade I never gave it a second thought. Apparently it sits on an area larger than Manhattan Island and it has a new acquisition.

I thought this was hilarious see what you think