5 Best Attractions in America

See if you agree with this list and if not let me have your nominations.

      1. Grand Canyon

I was surprised to discover that the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina is the most visited but that must be with mainly US visitors the most iconic must be the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. It stretches a massive 277 miles which is almost the distance between London and Newcastle.

This attraction can form the climax for many itineraries to Western America. If you haven’t got a car you can fly from Las Vegas on a flight-seeing excursion. It can be part of a Route 66 bucket list road trip and Williams in Arizona is a popular hot spot. Often it combined with tours of California and Nevada or of the other Canyons in Utah. Careful planning will maximise your experience and help you decide on the North Rim or the South Rim. Go hiking or pony trekking or white water rafting on the Colorado River.

      2. Walt Disney World


For the UK visitor there just isn’t the precious time available to devote to seeing everything that this multi park and multi hotel resort offers. There are so many visitor attractions that encompass Walt Disney World and almost all are known to every man, woman and child the world over without ever have going to Orlando. Attractions are always being added to and updated so there is always another reason for planning the next visit. See my previous blog on Walt Disney World Florida

     3. Las Vegas Strip

Apparently the Disney Corporation is rumoured to own land close to the strip in Las Vegas but hasn’t developed it yet. Las Vegas Strip is just over 4 miles from top to bottom and is melting pot of huge glamorous hotel casino resorts, rubbish tourist shops, tiny stand alone casinos, neon lights and there is nowhere else in America like it. The strip is linked by a monorail that runs from SLS station to the MGM Grand Station for about 3.9 miles. A one day pass costs $13 and if you are there for a week it costs $56. The Fremont Street Light Experience A six minute experience at one end of the strip right down to the Four Seasons at the bottom of the strip near the Las Vegas Airport. There are theme parks, plenty of swimming pools and more things to occupy non gamblers and it still strives to make itself attractive to families.

Las Vegas is great for a 2 day visit whilst on route from Los Angeles or San Francisco and can form part of a wonderful Western USA itinerary. You could be lucky and come back after winning big at the tables!

     4. Times Square New York

times square

Not sure I would put this on a top five list but it is one of the places to visit when you are in New York. You probably can’t miss it out if you tried. Located in Midtown Manhattan it formed of the crossroads of Broadway and this is where Broadway and 7th Avenue crossover. Bordered by Broadway Theatres and mainly pedestrianised for the most iconic photos of the neon lights and the New Years Eve ball it is New York’s most visited areas. Discover more here!

     5. Mount Rushmore

I still remain astonished at the remoteness of this amazing sculpture. The Black Hills of South Dakota are in the middle of nowhere with no major hub to visit from. I loved my adventure to see Mount Rushmore – South Dakota a few years ago and I struck it off my bucket list.

Careful planning is needed to decide on where you are going to fly into to or what route you are going to take to visit this National Monument. I would avoid winter because of the weather and lack of light but it will be busy in the summer months and the driving will be slow due to the single lanes curling up to the peak.