New York Parking and Petrol

IMG_2174I know space is at a premium in New York and it really interested me how very small spaces are used to park as many cars as possible. Some times up to three stories high. I never did see what they do to bring down a car parked above another but I hope that the guys moving them around are fully insured.

The traffic in New York is heavy and every intersection is accompanied by a cacophony of car horns pressed by impatient cab drivers. You have to have your wits around you and make sure you obey the pedestrian crossing signs just to be safe.

In Chelsea Village we walked past a filling station and I was taken aback by the cost of fuel at $4.25 per gallon.


So I was very relieved to find out that the fuel cost was cheaper by over a dollar in Boston. I am hoping that it is even cheaper in Florida next week as we have a gas guzzler to drive around.