Disney – why are the tickets different from the UK?

Yes I know I have just come back from my last trip but the next one is looming. This time we are travelling back to Florida for some R&R. We have visited all the parks at one time or another and have spent quite a lot time discussing our options and what is best value to see the most on this visit. I am sure that this is an exercise that many families go through because the cost of that dream holiday to the Disney mecca of Central Florida isn’t cheap. So you book your flights packaged with car and accommodation and then the cost of the tickets on top can double the original cost. To be honest you can visit Orlando/Kissimmee without having to go into the parks. In my opinion they are crowded, expensive and you can spend most of the day in queues waiting to get on your ride.

Tip: If you are prepared to ride as a solo rider you probably will get to the front of the line quicker than being in the Fast Pass line.

I know that through American suppliers you can get a completely different set of tickets to visit the House of the Mouse than those in the UK. In the States you can buy tickets that include ‘Disney Your Way’ from 1-21 days. In the UK there is a special offer that expires (to purchase) on 31 July for a 2 day ticket – not a park hopper but 2 separate parks on 2 separate days. This is what we are considering at £175 per adult but for the five of us it is nearly £900 – that is the flight cost for two of us. I can’t get my head around it at the moment. A one day ticket is $136 including taxes if you can find where to purchase it other than on the day.

Tip: Eat a really big breakfast before arriving and bring snacks that don’t need heating and a water bottle to keep refilling. Otherwise you will waste a lot of time waiting in line to order and then struggle to find seats.

The only and usual ticket plans are a 7 day, 14 day or 21 day ticket. These allow park hopping and entrance to the water parks BUT if you get the 7 day pass in 14 day holiday you have to use it within 7 days of the first entrance into Disney so you are encouraged to purchase the 14 day pass. It is fair to say that the price difference is tiny between the 7 and 14 day pass but it is the commitment to only being able to visit Disney properties during that period and knowing that there is so much more to see in the area. It is obvious why one visit just isn’t enough.

In times gone by you could buy 3 day park tickets to use over a lifetime and any unused days could be used at any future visit. I know Disney are at the fore front of technology but I don’t understand the disparity between the markets from different countries.

A search for park tickets and the websites default to your country and the choice is bewildering (see featured image). Even on Disneyworld’s UK official website there isn’t a one day pass offered. Why is this? You can turn up on the day and buy a ticket at the gate but why in the UK can’t you buy in advance? Why can’t Disney have a price per park per day available to everyone wherever they are?

Question for you out there….what are your suggestions to have a peaceful and unforgettable day at a Disney Park? Please share so we can all benefit and learn from each other.