Flying the Flag

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Miriam Margolyes is a British actress and voice actress who recently did a 1000 mile road trip from Chicago to New Orleans for the BBCto discover what it means to be an American and how America is right now. It was a personal view of the presenter who in turn has strong views of her own.

I thought some of the subject matter was very deep and there are really no right or wrong answers but it showed the strength of families and the deep beliefs of some communities. I think that being an American is a religion of it’s own and the patriotism is so very strong. In the UK we just don’t demonstrate patriotism in the same way. There are very few places that proudly fly the Union flag but in America the Star and Stripes is everywhere you look. I can’t remember seeing a frayed flag and I take a lot of photographs of the stars and stripes in the hope that I take ‘the photo’ that I want to frame on my wall.

America is so proud of being, well, being American and is not ashamed to display this belief in the American way of life. The Pledge of Allegiance is said in every school classroom and summer camp every morning across the land. Apparently it is a rule to place your right hand over your heart when the Star Spangled banner is sung and the flag of the United States is raised. Mr Donald Trump needed reminding apparently. I wish in Britain we could be so outwardly proud and patriotic of our land. Having said this the divide between the haves and have nots is wide and yet all sides support the Stars and Stripes and their allegiance to America.

At Mount Rushmore as you walk along the patio to the great monument you pass through the Avenue of Flags. They are raised with such pride and inclusion of all the states, commonwealths and dependencies of America. Each state has it’s own flag and often it is flown below or next to the American Flag.