Happy Independence Day America

To those of you that follow this blog and are in America…..Happy 4th to you….enjoy the fireworks later on!

We have been in America at least three times over Independence Day and yet to see a firework! Seen lots for sale though..

I think it is because we have never been close enough to the action to make our way back to base especially with little ones.

One time we were at Disney Springs and started to make our way back to our car and were still in the car park three hours later due to unusually poor traffic management by DisneyWorld. Our youngest fell asleep and when she woke up we hadn’t moved more than one car length and mumbled ‘are we still here?’

Another time we were in Boston and Neil Diamond was headlining the celebrations. We were staying in Woburn and travelled in to central Boston by MBTA. We had a great day but later realised that the lines of people sitting in lines outside restaurants were actually waiting to be seated and then it seemed to make sense to make an exit to get food and away from the crush. The MBTA was managed brilliantly with members of staff signalling directions so there was no confusion.

In 2022 the celebrations are returning to Boston after a 2 year break due to the corona pandemic and will take place on the Hatch Shell pavilion on the Charles River Esplanade which is roughly between the Museum of Science and the Boston University Bridge. I just read that doors open at 09.00 and the fireworks start at 10.30.


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