Albuquerque – International Balloon Fiesta

One of the states I have still to visit has been home to one of the most photographed spectaculars in the world for almost half a century. At Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque – New Mexico for 9 days in the first week of October is one of the most largest and most colourful displays of Hot Air Balloons.

2021 was the 49th running of this annual event and it attracts almost 750,000 balloonists and tourists from around the globe. Each year almost 500 balloons take to the skies in what is known as a ‘Mass Ascension’ when at around 07.00 hrs each morning of the fiesta the balloons are launched into the sky. There has to be a coordinated launch to safely allow the participants to take to the New Mexico sky.

The balloons come in the most amazing range of different shapes and recognisable characters rising into New Mexico sky in regular balloon rodeos.

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In the evening balloons participate in moon glow events to add to the unique atmosphere of the fiesta. The huge number of balloons are lit from within and if that isn’t exciting enough there is a nightly fireworks display as well.

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There were Covid – 19 restrictions still in place for 2021 and masks were compulsory indoors and crowded areas.

Albuquerque is not the easiest of destinations to visit from the UK due to there being no direct services from London. Although the balloon ground is only 11 miles from the airport very careful advance planning is needed. There is plenty of accommodation choices with some offering shuttle services to the grounds. This extravaganza is definitely one for anybody’s bucket list.

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