Coronavirus – Vaccination Passport?

As the world is coming to terms with the impact of Covid-19 the light at the end of the tunnel has to be the roll out of the vaccination. Putting the politics aside is this going to be the key to the travel door?

As it stands currently most countries that are allowing travellers to enter their borders require a recent PCR test with a negative result and another to be taken 5 days into a minimum 10 day quarantine. Travel corridors are closed and reopened as the track of the new variants of the Covid-19 virus continue to spread and enter new countries. Cruise sailings are still on hold with sailing dates being rescheduled further into 2021 with billions of dollars lost.

So will the answer be that travellers carry a vaccination passport to proof that they have got protection.? SAGA cruises has already announced that they will only accept vaccinated passengers going forward and offer refunds to those who have already booked and not been or going to be vaccinated.

Although major airlines (with the exception of Qantas) have not announced that a vaccination will be required to fly it is predicted that it will be rolled out across the skies. This can’t be different to international travellers being required to show Yellow Fever inoculation stamps before entering some countries.

There is discussion that internal flights in America will require passengers to show a negative PCR test before flying to keep the rate of infection between cities down so having to show evidence of had the vaccine must be the next step forward.

The way forward is clear and as more and more people get the vaccine the seas and skies will be safer as will the destinations that we yearn to visit will become.