Coronavirus – Plymouth 400

As the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower landing at Plymouth Rock draws ever closer I was curious about any changes that the Coronavirus has had on the planned activities.

I was very moved when I visited Plymouth back in 2018 and there were already posters advertising the celebration of the 400 years. The Mayflower II was not present when I visited as she was having restoration work done in Connecticut.

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In August 2020 with much fanfare the small wooden ship returned to Plymouth in readiness to celebrate the 400 years since the original arrived from Plymouth UK.

Events have been in the planning for the last 11 years and the Coronavirus has meant that the all the careful plans have had to change. Plymouth 400 was due to have an opening ceremony in April and some of the events have been added to other activities some had to be scrapped. Plymouth is still keen to celebrate as much as it can with some events moved into 2021.

Official Plymouth 400 website

The official State House Salute to the 400th Anniversary due to take place in September 2020 has been pencilled in for 2021.

The Illuminate Thanksgiving 400 scheduled for November Thanksgiving Weekend will become a digital event with the Procession of Lights possibly happening but with social distancing.

The UK, Holland and the Wampanoag Peoples have all collaborated in making this 400th anniversary an unforgettable one, just in different forms for the time being.