Boston, MA – New Guided Day Visit

During this unprecedented chapter in humanity and with the Travel & Tourism sector decimated beyond all recognition this caught my interest.

G Adventures have introduced a one day guided tour of Boston. It is intended for visitors who are desperate to get touring again. Offered on two dates – September 26 and October 3 this year. This is a full itinerary and starts at 07.30 and ends with a sunset cruise on a classic schooner with the accompaniment of a Local Senior Experience Officer or Tour Guide to you and me.

It seems expensive at $259 per person but a great deal of thought has gone into offering an amazing schedule. Starting with morning yoga on Boston Common, followed by a guided walking tour on the Black Heritage Trail, a bike tour into Cambridge and if that isn’t enough there is a three hour food and history tour through Chinatown then the sunset sail.

I checked the G Adventures website and can’t see a listing for Boston Sunrise to Sunset so I guess it will be a phone call to make further enquiries.

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