Discover America’s National Parks – Virtually

As the lockdowns continue around the world due to the Coronavirus Pandemic I guess many of us are yearning to be free of this new world order that has been created for us and by us.

Airlines have parked their aircraft neatly in lines waiting for the all clear. Hotels are barely functioning if at all. Restaurants that are still open are operating take out or delivery only. Governments have offered loans and grants to aid business over this period but I hear that if you are a travel related business the banks are not so willing as they are considered high risk and very exposed. The world has not seen anything like this before and comparisons are often made with the 2008 banking crisis about the outcome of many industries after the dust has settled.

As and when life slowly returns to some semblance of normality this is definitely going be when travel bargains are going to be had. Airlines will be keen to fill many seats as possible but in order to attract customers to fill empty flights. Hotel rates are going to be lower before they start increasing towards 2020 levels.

One of the major natural attractions that I have to do on my bucket list is America’s National Parks. I saw a tweet from the National Parks Service that invites you to visit whilst at home. I did have a look but found a website by Google far easier to navigate.

Titled Hidden Worlds of the National Parks follow real Park Rangers around five National Parks across the States.

Parks features are

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Kenai Fjords, Alaska

Hawai’i Volcanoes, Hawaii

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Dry Tortugas, Florida

I found links to other National Parks – see below

Grand Canyon virtual tour can be found here Grand Canyon Virtual Tour

For Yellowstone webcams see here Yellowstone Virtual Tour

Washington DC has a BloomCam over the National Mall and Tidal Basin to catch the Cherry Trees but that season has passed but still it offers great views over the area. BloomCam

There is this clip that visits over 50 National Parks in a minute

Keep dreaming of your next visit and get ready for some bargains.

In the meanwhile STAY HOME and STAY SAFE!