Coronavirus – USNS Comfort arrives in New York breaking Social Distancing Rules

New Yorkers have been criticised for flocking to see the arrival of USNS Comfort to Pier 90 in Manhattan. Comfort is one of the big white boats with a red cross – according to Trump that is.

The hospital ship will be used initially for patients with non Coronavirus related conditions and alleviating the pressure on intensive care units in the city.

Considering that New York is still at the epicentre of the outbreak in the US it was irresponsible of the New York public to congregate so closely to each other. Police didn’t disperse the onlookers until ordered by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s communication team. New Yorkers could be fined up to $500 for breaking self isolation rules but none were issued in this instance.

Why did so many people ignore the self distancing instructions? The irresponsible ‘gawkers’ standing shoulder to shoulder as joggers passed close by probably have caused more damage and reversed the actions of so many.