Coronavirus – All 50 States

All 50 States have cases of Coronavirus. Social Distancing has been encouraged everywhere. California and New York has instructed people to stay home.

Map of Coronavirus casesSouthern States Cornovirus casesEvery press conference that I see from the White House has a gathering of experts and business leaders all standing close to each other behind the speaker. They were seen shaking hands and each handling the microphone between each speaker. 

How does this offer a nation hope?

This Pandemic is going to define a generation with actions that are taken in trying to deal with the spread and eventual defeat of this invisible enemy.

Where the advice is breaking down is in the food shops. Nobody is able to keep their distance as they search for the latest food stuff to be on the panic list. Could there be a control of the number of entrants at any one time and perhaps a one way system around the shelves? This would prevent the contact between people and allow the monitoring of restricted items so that everyone adheres to any purchase limit. Maybe use of trolleys (carts) should be stopped and only hand baskets used to stop stock piling.

Borders North and South are closed to all but essential travel. Millions of people have or in danger of losing their jobs. All this in the space of a couple of weeks and how quickly most of humanity has had to change.

It is Mothers Day in the UK Sunday 22 March and many, many families will be kept apart from their loved ones. Hopefully when it is Mothers Day in America (and other parts of the world) you will be able to visit in person and get the hugs you have missed.

I doubt that normality will return this year as the different industries rebuild and if the virus hasn’t affected you one way it’s impact will affect you in other ways.