Thanksgiving 2019!

You know I was going to wish all the folks over the Atlantic a ‘Happy Turkey Day’ because it is the third Thursday in November only to realise that it isn’t today, 21 November.

In 1939 President Roosevelt changed Thanksgiving from the fourth Thursday to the third Thursday. Then in 1941 the President and Congress decreed that to save any confusion Thanksgiving would be on the fourth Thursday every year and become a Federal Holiday. In 2019 it occurs on 28 November which seems very late but I guess on the lunar cycle it will happen.

I once flew back to the UK from Denver on Thanksgiving on a virtually empty Delta flight. Three seats to myself – bliss! I did though have to surrender my pumpkin pie base and tin of pumpkin pie mix as my bag was overweight. The lady at check-in was the lucky recipient of my produce.


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I would love to spend time around these fireplaces though with a Pumpkin Spice Latte – extra hot!!


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I do wish though that Black Friday hadn’t crept over the Atlantic because generally nobody associates this as an American institution, there is enough craziness over here already with Christmas in full throttle already

So in readiness for next week I wish all Americans a Happy Thanksgiving and the kickstart of the Holiday Season 2019!

As an after thought, my confusion has been caused by the UK advertising Black Friday starting tomorrow so now we have the prospect of the Black Friday event being over two Fridays which defeats the object entirely!!