Lombard Street – Toll Proposed!

The world’s crooked street in fabulous San Francisco is a major tourist attraction. I haven’t been over to California for a few years now but every time I have been in San Francisco it has been on our list to do. When the girls were younger we must have driven around the block on 5 or 6 occasions to drive the short but curvy street.

Situated between Hyde and Leavenworth and facing down the steep hill parallel to the bay this short street only 412 feet (600 feet straightened out) It is paved with red bricks and consists of landscaped borders and well presented houses. Cars queue to take their turn to drive the hair-pinned bends.

It is estimated that over 6,000 people a day in high season visit the street ,often causing gridlock. So now city and state officials are proposing a toll and reservation system to reduce the congestion. As early as 2020 a suggested $5 to register and $5 toll to drive down the street weekdays (double on weekends) between 09.00-21.00 hrs is being considered. The report doesn’t mention if you will have to pay to walk down the steps down the sides of the street.

Actually although the houses are magnificent and the flower beds and hedges on the bends are maintained beautifully it must be a huge decision to live there. I guess the introduction of a toll could be to the residents benefit.